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Your partner for a sustainable thesis


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Eco-Friendly Design

I’d love to help you design a cover for your thesis in an environmentally-friendly way. All my designs are handmade with care for our beautiful planet. And when you entrust your cover design to me, you’ll get the original as a present. I also offer a selection of sustainable ‘fair frames’, handmade by Indian artisans to choose from. Of course, your painting can be wrapped as a gift, if for example your loved ones would like to present it to you on your special day. This way you’ll have a beautiful and lasting memory to hang on your (office) wall.

Sustainable Printing

You’ve worked towards this moment for years and have put all your energy into the completion of your PhD thesis. No wonder you’ would like your thesis to be printed with the utmost care and attention. That’s where GreenThesis comes in. I’d love to help you choose eco-friendly materials & sustainable printing methods and as a bonus, together we’ll plant lots of trees. And while I take the worries off your hands, you can focus on what really counts: your defence. 

A Tree for a Hightree

As a part of Hightree® Sustainable Publishers, GreenThesis is on a mission to contribute to a healthy planet. What better way to do this, than by planting trees? That’s why GreenThesis plants a tree for every booklet in your thesis. That’s what I call “a Tree for a Hightree”. This way we work together to create a better, greener and healthier world.

science meets art meets sustainability

About GreenThesis

Elma Hogeboom is a natural scientist-turned-artist with a passion for sustainability. As a designer I soon learned that many inks and paints used by artists are not so pretty in terms of their environmental performance. In fact, many art materials contain heavy metals and other toxic substances you’d rather not put on your hands or wall.

Leveraging my science background, I researched eco-friendly art alternatives. The result was a green art materials database out of which I could draw to create my works of art that are both beautiful and sustainable

When some years ago I designed the sustainable cover for my husband’s PhD thesis, it needed to be digitized and printed many times. Clearly, it felt only natural to have the dissertation and cover sustainably printed. But yet again I was in for a not-so-green surprise: eco-friendly printing is not common practice.

Hence I dove into my books once more and decided to found GreenThesis (DuurzameDissertatie in Dutch). With GreenThesis, I offer PhD candidates with a green heart the option to both design and print their thesis in an eco-friendly manner. From plastic-free packaging to printing on agricultural waste, and from vegan inks to bike delivery, I can help you find a sustainable solution. 

Elma Hogeboom - Duurzaam Designer en Owner at

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The making of a sustainable PhD thesis


Recycled Paper

As Isaac Newton already said: “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”. This is exactly what becoming a PhD is all about. Progress rooted in tradition. What better way to capture this image, than by using papers from recycled materials to print your thesis? This way your dissertation will become a beautiful  work of art, intertwined with the past, pointing forward to tomorrow. 


"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants"

Isaac Newton

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