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Beautiful & sustainable


Cover Design

When it comes to a beautiful handmade and sustainable PhD cover design, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer the following services for your cover design:

1) A hand-painted cover

2) A digital design

3) A self-made cover (painted with the help of a professional cover designer)



Handmade & ecofriendly

1) Painted with watercolours

At GreenThesis, we love combining our background in scientific research with our love for sustainable art. For our handmade cover designs, we use eco-friendly watercolours, which our founder, Elma Hogeboom, makes by hand from earth- and plant-based ingredients.

If you choose a hand-painted design for your thesis, we will usually start with one or two (video) calls. Based on our conversation, the designer will come up with multiple design options and a colour palette.

Once you’re satisfied with the design, we start painting your cover. This usually takes about three weeks. After completion, you will receive a digital high-resolution file for your cover design, and as a bonus, you get to keep the original painting as a present!

PhD Thesis Rosanne Anholt © Elma Hogeboom 2021 for
PhD Thesis Felix Fennemann © Elma Hogeboom 2021 for

the best of both worlds

2) Digital designs

The second option for a cover design is a digital design. This design can be based on a photograph, where we use digital art brushes to paint your cover. Another option is a photo collage or, for example, a mixed-media design, where we combine digital and hand-painted art.

A guided one-on-one workshop

3) Paint your cover

If you’re feeling creative and would like to design your own cover, but don’t know where to start, we’d love to help you.

During two video calls, one of our cover designers will help you create a balanced design. This means the front and back covers are both interesting to look at and consistent in their use of white space. We will also advise you on the use of eco-friendly art materials and the specific techniques needed to pull this off.

After you have completed your design and scanned it, we will optimize it digitally to make sure your design translates well in print.

We guarantee this will be a fun and exciting process with a beautiful result: your own uniquely designed PhD thesis!

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