Eco-Friendly Paper

From 100% Recycled to Agriwaste

the sustainable Standard

1. 100% Recycled

When you choose truly sustainable paper for your thesis at an attractive price, you’ll want to choose 100% post-consumer recycled paper for both the interior and the cover. This type of paper is beautifully white with small characteristic fibers that give it that real and sustainable look. This paper comes with a Blue Angel quality mark.

Paperwise Agriwaste Paper

Amazing agriwaste!

2. Paperwise®

Amazing agriwaste, this is what constitutes Paperwise® paper: agricultural waste. In addition, this paper is even compostable at home. So if you are really done with your doctoral research … All joking aside, this way you can give a very original twist to your sustainable thesis. Paperwise® has a somewhat higher price tag, and is therefore particularly suitable for people who want to make a statement with their thesis, for example when you are doing a PhD on an agricultural subject. And then you really have something unique!

Valuable Vibers®

3. Elephant Grass

Did you know that elephant grass captures 4x more CO2 than a forest? In Our opinion, this makes it a perfect basis for a high-tech sustainable paper. Vibers® is a beautiful and natural paper, which is also made in the Netherlands! If you are going for a low carbon and water footprint, and a unique paper and beautiful paper, this is the choice for you. This type of paper does have a somewhat higher price tag and is therefore particularly suitable for people who want a very unique thesis with a focus on design and sustainability. Amaze with Vibers®!

a tree for a hightree DD website

Bee-friendly grass paper

4. VoorBIJ©

Looking for sustainable and eco-friendly paper options that align with your circular values? Look no further than VoorBIJ©-paper! This beautiful and unique paper is made with recycled materials and features visible fibers from roadside flower-rich grasses, giving it a distinctive and environmentally conscious appearance. By utilizing locally-sourced grass clippings that were previously discarded, VoorBIJ©-paper reduces transportation emissions and supports ecological management practices. Choose VoorBIJ©-paper for a sustainable and circular paper option that’s perfect for your eco-conscious thesis.

For the innovators

5. Tailor-made

Do you have an idea for a sustainable paper that you want to use for your thesis? For example kraft paper, grass paper, paper made from recycled denim, tomato plants or tulip bulbs? (No, this is not a joke!) Please feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities. GreenThesis has a large network of sustainable printers, and loves to make things possible. As long as it is sustainable, GreenThesis will have it printed for you!


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