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Elma Hogeboom

Hi! My name is Elma Hogeboom, sustainable artist, lover of fruit trees and founder of GreenThesis.

A few years ago I turned my passion into my profession. I combined my background in scientific research (MRI physics and mathematics) with my love for sustainable art and graphic design. In my work, many abstract scientific themes are reflected in my designs. No topic is too crazy for me, from a hydrological cycle to gluon interactions. My strength and challenge lies in visualising science. In addition, I do this in the most sustainable way possible. Want to know more? Then continue reading, visit my website or look at an impression of my work in the gallery below.

My story

Why sustainable?

For me, sustainable living means caring for people, animals and the environment. This reflects in all kinds of areas, from the food I eat to the clothes I wear and the environment I live in. As a passionate gardener, for example, I have completely transformed my garden into an organic, edible and bee-friendly paradise. My garden is full of fruit trees, berry bushes and edible flowers and is full of life and movement. This is a great source of inspiration for my art.

The challenge

But can art and sustainability go together? When I started as an artist, I soon discovered that a lot of paint is full of heavy metals, many inks are highly toxic, and that durable and reusable works of art are almost impossible to find. This made me think: how can I make a difference and initiate a transition in the design world, towards truly sustainable alternatives?

Sustainable art

This transition requires a lot of creativity and an unconventional approach; a challenge that was made for me. And so my adventure as a sustainable artist began in 2017. With a background in scientific research, it was a logical step for me to start with many hours of systematic sifting through all the materials I wanted to work with: from pigments to papers and brushes, and everything in between. I recorded my findings in a sustainable materials database. It is a labor of love, in which I combine my scientific education with my passion for the arts.

Elma Hogeboom Duurzaam Design

And now

In addition to being a sustainable artist, I am now also the proud owner of Hightree® Sustainable Art Co. and founder of GreenThesis. In this way I combine my passion for art, science & sustainable design into a beautiful whole. 

Enthusiastic? I would love to help you think about a beautiful design for your green thesis. Please feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.


Recent Work

PhD Thesis Rick Hogeboom © Elma Hogeboom 2019
Nkuku standing mango wooden frame with thesis cover © GreenThesis 2021
PhD Thesis Joyce Mulder © Elma Hogeboom 2021
PhD Thesis Joyce Mulder © Elma Hogeboom 2021
PhD Thesis Rosanne Anholt © Elma Hogeboom 2021 for GreenThesis.nl
Nkuku standing mango wooden frame with thesis cover © GreenThesis 2021
Omslag proefschrift moedermelk © Elma Hogeboom 2020
PhD Thesis Lara Wohler © Lara Wohler & Elma Hogeboom 2021 for GreenThesis.nl
PhD Thesis Felix Fennemann © Elma Hogeboom 2021 for GreenThesis.nl
Omslag proefschrift moedermelk voor en achter - © Elma Hogeboom 2020
Front cover PhD thesis Svenja Mintenig by © Elma Hogeboom 2021
PhD Thesis Audrey Meulendijks © Elma Hogeboom 2021
PhD Thesis Cover Jori Fuhren © Elma Hogeboom 2020

Behind the scenes

In my Studio

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