PhD Thesis Rosanne Anholt © Elma Hogeboom 2021 for

Modern & Minimalistic


Interior layout

If you are looking for a modern and minimalistic interior layout, you are at the right place. Sophisticated designs are our expertise, and we’d love to help you design your thesis and save you all that hassle. This way you can focus on what matters most: enjoying a stress-free process.

When it comes to interior layout, there are several options:

1) Professional interior layout design by GreenThesis

2) Use our Word-template for an easy and sophisticated interior layout – (free for cover design clients)


Sophisticated & stress-free

1) Professional interior layout

GreenThesis would love to help you unburden yourself by designing the interior of your thesis.

Submitting your files is easy as can be and can be done either in pdf format (such as published journal article chapters) or Word format.

We generally need 4 working weeks to complete your interior layout, but recommend to start the process as soon as possible, to allow yourself to actually enjoy the designing process. 

Designs are always tailor-made and come with full flexibility in for example font choices. 

For an example of some interior layouts, click the images below.

PhD Thesis Rosanne Anholt © Elma Hogeboom 2021 for
Omslag Iris Hagemans PhD Thesis ||
PhD Thesis Rosanne Anholt © Elma Hogeboom 2021 for
Vegan PhD Thesis Anne van Veen
Front cover PhD thesis Svenja Mintenig by © Elma Hogeboom 2021

the ease of word

2) Use our (free) Word template

The second option is especially interesting to save some money. It combines the ease of Word with the sophistication of a professionally designed template that helps you to do the interior layout yourself.

The template aides you for example with predefined page sizes, margins, fonts, title pages and high resolution settings, to name a few.

GreenThesis offers this free Word template for your thesis layout to all clients that have chosen cover design. 

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