Meet our editor

for your PhD thesis & papers

Inés Beuker is a published author with a scientific background. She is fluent in both English and Dutch and writes in both languages. Several of her short stories have won awards.

As our academic writing editor, Inés can help you by checking (parts of) your PhD thesis and/or scientific publications for grammar, spelling, and style in British and American English.

Why use an editor? After putting a lot of time and effort into obtaining your doctorate, it would be a pity to have a thesis riddled with language mistakes. Of course, most published articles will have already been checked by journals, but don’t your introduction, conclusion, and acknowledgments deserve the same kind of attention?

And, of course, Inés is also there for you when it comes to editing your other manuscripts. Especially prestigious journals pay strict attention to the correct use of English. By having your manuscript edited professionally, you ensure that the language used in your manuscript meets the high standards of those journals. 

Ines Beuker PhD editor for academic English

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