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Meet our Team

When it comes to thesis design, there are many facets to creating a beautiful sustainable PhD Thesis. From sustainable cover art to interior design and eco-friendly printing, GreenThesis is here to partner up with you and assist you in whichever way we can. This way, we aim to make this final time of your research go by as smoothly and enjoyable as possible. 

Enjoyable I hear you say? Yes, this final stage can and should be absolutely enjoyable, because (cover) design is a lot of fun. And as it is our aim to include you in the process, we hope you will feel that your thesis reflects something of who you are and what drives you.  We are here to help you make this happen.


Meet the team

Elma Hogeboom - Duurzaam Designer en Owner at

Elma Hogeboom

Founder & Sustainable Artist

With a background in the natural sciences, and a big fascination with the natural world, Elma is your go-to person when it comes to sustainable cover art and all things relating to eco-friendly design choices. With her passion for science, it is her aim to help you have fun designing your grand opus.


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Sıla Akçakoca

Graphic Designer & Interior Specialist

A graphic design enthusiast and lover of tea and cookies, Sila is the person to speak to about all things relating to interior design. Her sophisticated and stylish designs catch the eye of many a reader, and with her cheerful disposition she will unburden you regarding interior design and actually help you enjoy the process.


PhD Thesis Bas van den Berg © Elma Hogeboom 2023 for

Yuliya Lennon

Cover Designer

As a sustainable oil & watercolour painter, with a PhD in Neurolinguistics, Yuliya has found a way to combine her love for the arts with her background in the sciences by making stunning book cover designs. If you are interested in a one-on-one cover design workshop and you love working with oil colours, she can help you stay eco-conscious, while creating a memory that will last.

Ines Beuker PhD editor for academic English

Inés Beuker

Scientific language editor

Published author and scientific editor, with a background in Mathematics and Computer Science, Inés can only be described as an all-round science enthusiast with a passion for the written word. Whether you need help with your text structure, or just an extra pair of eyes to make your writing pop, Inés is the person who has your back.


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