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A small publishing company with a big passion for sustainability.

The call for sustainable printing is ever increasing. Unfortunately, PhD Theses are often overlooked by many. This is why GreenThesis was founded. We hope to be your partner for green design and printing of your PhD thesis. We design and print true quality theses, with care and respect for the environment, resulting in a beautiful Green Thesis. And by planting lots of trees as a ‘thank you’ for your order, we work together towards a better, greener and more beautiful world.

Our story

The Beginning

GreenThesis was founded by Elma Hogeboom, a natural-scientist-turned-sustainable-artist from the Netherlands. From friends and other connections in the final stages of their PhD’s, she found out that eco-friendly printing of PhD theses was a difficult, often infeasible, task. Printers hadn’t adjusted to sustainable printing methods yet and eco-friendly graphic design was, and is, still a very new field. That is why Elma did a lot of research in order to come up with a beautiful complete concept for a sustainable thesis. With her background in sustainable art, and a solid scientific education, Elma started GreenThesis. Nowadays, we work with a small & passionate team of creative science lovers. This way we can be your partner for a true Green Thesis. Let’s work together and make this world a better, greener and healthier place.


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"A small publishing company with a big passion for sustainability"

Hightree® Sustainable Publishers

From printing your PhD Thesis to Sustainable Art

The Hightree Brand

GreenThesis is a part of Hightree® Sustainable B.V. . In addition to designing and printing your PhD thesis, our sister-company Hightree® Sustainable Art Co. offers original handmade sustainable art, as well as art prints, plastic-free postcards and fair frames. This way, Hightree can offer you a complete range of services, from printing your Green Thesis, to designing your cover and invitations. And as a bonus, we can frame your hand-painted cover design in a fair, handmade artisanal frame. For more information and other questions, please contact us through the contact form or send me an email. 


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