Tips & Tricks

Saving Money

People often think sustainability and a limited budget don’t go hand-in-hand. As a sustainable publishing company with a wide range of clients, GreenThesis has proven it doesn’t have to be this way. To make a sustainable PhD thesis available to everyone, we distinguish between ‘Premium’, ‘Deluxe’ and ‘Deluxe Vegan’ PhD theses (Sustainable, Extra Sustainable, and Vegan). Yet this isn’t the only way to save money on printing your sustainable thesis. How else? Read on to find out.


Saving money

For your PhD Thesis

Smaller Edition & Digital Version

The easiest way to cut costs is to have fewer booklets printed. While GreenThesis may achieve a higher turnover by printing more booklets, from a sustainability point of view, we advise against this. How many theses by fellow PhD students line your shelf that you’ve never looked at again? That’s why we advise you to opt for a smaller printing. You can then supplement this with a digital version of your sustainable dissertation, which you can host on the GreenThesis website for free for one year. To make it even more fun, we offer printed QR cards with a QR code or link to your thesis. This way, you get a nice invitation out of it, too!

Department Budget

Most departments have a budget for printing your thesis. But did you know many professors with a heart for sustainability are open to increasing this budget if you have your thesis printed sustainably? At the very least, it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Designing the Layout Yourself

At GreenThesis, we offer you a free Word template for the layout of your thesis, if you choose us to do your sustainable cover design. This way you can easily create a sleek and minimalist layout yourself without having to spend capital.

Using your PhD Budget for our Cover Design Workshop

For creative enthusiasts, we offer a one-on-one cover design workshop. During this workshop, we will help you design a cover that has your personal twist to it. And the fun thing is: most universities allow this ‘course’ to be funded from your PhD budget!

External Funding for Sustainable Design & Printing

When it comes to sustainably designing and printing your PhD thesis, the university or department isn’t the only possible source of funding. Additional sources, such as the Heart Foundation are available, too. Just Google and ye shall find.