Eco-Friendly Printed on Recycled Paper

recycled materials

1. A Conscious Basis

As Isaac Newton said: “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”. This is exactly what becoming a PhD is all about. Innovation rooted in tradition. How beautiful it is to implement this principle in a dissertation. That is why GreenThesis uses recycled materials as a conscious basis for printing your thesis. In this way your dissertation becomes a beautiful whole, interwoven with the past, pointing forward to innovation.

eco-friendly book design

An eye for design

2. Eco-Friendly Design

I’m happy to help you with the sustainable design of a cover for your thesis. All my designs are made with the environment in mind. From a hand-painted design to a photo collage with handprinted design, everything is possible. Feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.

In the case of hand-painted designs, I paint with homemade (vegan) watercolor paint on sustainable and vegan paper. I make my handmade paint myself using environmentally-friendly pigments and natural materials such as clove oil, so that even the smell still refers to nature. Everything has been thought of.

If you let me design your cover, you will receive the original (or a print, in the case of a digitally designed cover) as a gift for your (office) wall. Framing can also be arranged in consultation (with parents, for example), for a beautiful lasting gift for your special day.

Attention to detail

3. Sustainable Printing

As a sustainable publishing company, GreenThesis works with printers who are at the forefront of sustainability. Sustainable printing goes further than a printing company that runs on renewable energy sources. From recycled materials to climate labels, I subject every printer to a thorough screening. This way you can trust that your thesis will be printed in an environmentally-friendly way, without the worry of having to figure everything out for yourself.

sustainable book printing

Planting for the planet

4. A Tree for a Hightree

I design and print all theses entrusted to GreenThesis with attention to sustainability and detail. But this is not where it ends. The ethos for my company Hightree Sustainable Publishers is that sustainability goes beyond a clean production process; I want to have a positive impact on this world together with you. That is why GreenThesis plants a tree for each copy of each dissertation that is entrusted to us. So, for example, if you have 100 booklets printed, that’s 100 trees! I call that ‘a Tree for a Hightree’. 

Do you want to contribute to a greener world together with me? I cannot do this without you. That is why I hope that I can help you design your thesis. In this way we work together towards a better, healthier and greener future.

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